Hello Furriends!

Still about my sisfur, so today I'll show you her tail!


Take care!
You know, Putih really loves to eat, 
but I wonder why don't she get fat like me.

Her bowl is always need to be refill.

Empty again!

Mak.. Putih need her food now, again!!!
My busy tail on this Tuesday!

Peeping some birdies outside!

Soon furriends!
Take care!
Hello Furriends! 
Today's post is brought to you by me, Putih.

Oh, my sisfur Elin is busy catching some dragonflies at our garden.
So she asked me to show my box room to all of you by myself.

I'm quite nervous here because I'm a newbie here..

Alright, as mentioned before, I don't like to be indoor.
I prefer to stay outdoor. Mak says it's OK as long as I keep myself inside our fence.

Alright, here is my box room which I used to sleep during the night, as well as during a day too.

I feel comfy inside here, but my sisfur refuse to sleep together with me in here..
She said it's quite small and she may not fit herself in.

I guess that's all for today,
take care!

Hello Furriends!

It almost raining everyday in my place,
and some places already flooded.

So, I'm tired thinking about how to do bird watching according to my schedule,
because if it is raining outside, mak wouldn't allow me to go to my garden.
She said my paws will get wet and dirty. She ask me to do my birdwatching activity from the window upstairs.
But there is no bird at all on the roof when it's raining time. Sigh..

I asked my little sisfur about what to do to skip this boredom?
Then she suggested for we to sleep, and do the birdwatching in our dream!

What a brilliant idea Putih gave to me!

So, I choose to sleep and relax upstairs on top of the sewing machine table:

While my lovely little sisfur is chillaxing on my mak's lap for a while before she continue sleeping in her room outside:

Putih: Hello world! I'll ask Elin to show you how's my room look a like this Monday OK!

Elin: Alright Putih, I'll post about your little room this Monday. I hope our secretary will not forget about this! LOL
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