Hello furriends!

It's Thursday, and it's the time for Teaching Thursday!
TOday I would like to teach a new word, which is FLOOR.

In Malay, 


To pronounce it;

LAN = PLANT but without the letter P

One of my favourite place to snooze is on the LANTAI!
Happy Day Furriends!

Those who haven't see me in make up, you can scroll down to the previous entry and enjoy it ;)

I'm Speechless..

Curl it!
Have a good day furriends!
Yes I am!

I am still sulking with my secretary..
If you missed why I'm sulking, you can read my previous post.

But I miss you furriends!
I just want to teach her some lesson for neglecting me!
My secretary is busy since last Sunday,
spending most of her time with her boyfriend after 3 months they have not seen each other because her boyfriend when back to his hometown. My secretary said to give her a time to go for a date, which I understand, many dates, since Sunday until yesterday.

She also has skip my Teaching Thursday class for this week without thinking about all my teaching preparation that I've done. This is so not good! So when she  want to snap my photo today, I yell at her!

I don't know when will I forgive her, so now I'm very moody.

I heard she's gone to see a very beautiful Arowana aquatorium at Shah Alam too. 

I'm sulking.

Hello furriends!

How fast times flies..
It's Friday already!

This is my food, which my mom feed me everyday!

Purina Fancy Feast Roasted Selection, Beef Salmon + Cheese flavour and Whiskas Wet Food..

I eat the biscuits whenever I want, and the wet food once every day..

How delicious!!

That is the secret of my!

How about you furriends?
Hello furriends!

Today is Thursday,
and Thursday is my Teaching Day!

Alright, the word I'm going to teach today is FEET.

IN Malay, 


To pronounce it;


Have a great day ! 
Hello everybody!

Presenting my tail!

Hello furriends!

I begin my new week by playing happily in my garden!

My human let me get out as early as 6 a.m to snoopervise my territory,
and get back in the house at 10 a.m..

How about you?

Hello furriends!

I heard something curious on the roof today,
so I decided to climb and snoopervise the roof!

I want to find out what creatures have ruined my weekend peacefulness..

Wish me luck furriends!
Hello Furriends~

I am here waiting for the lizard to come out,
because I'm in the mood for Lizard Hunting!~

So I wait and wait and wait..
Hoping for the lizard to get out..

Wait and wait and wait..

Wait again..wait..wait..

But the lizard still won't come out..
It makes me feels sleepy..

So I guess better next time, 
and I joined abah [dad] sleep in the living room..

Can you spot me?
he he..

Have a great weekend everyone!
Hello Furriends! =)

Who is the little creature in the dark?

The answer is me!

And, I ate Mini Cornetto Ice Cream in the dark!


Nom Nom Nom!

My secretary said I ate with style!
Hello furriends!

Today I'm going to teach you something related to Garden,
sincetoday I want to participate in "Society of Feline Gardener" with Jonesie at  Cory's!

The word I'm going to teach today is GRASS.


To pronounce it;


Alright, let's take a walk in my garden!
Let's chew some rumput!
Nom nom nom..

Hey, let's check this rumput out!

There's something on it, it makes me sniffed them longer than other rumput.

What is it? 
The smell makes me dizzy..
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