Hi Furriends! 

This is me with my sister bean, Raihana.
She have a blog too,
I hope you can drop by to encourage her to blog,
because it could help her improve her English ;)

You can visit her by clicking here.

Have a great Sunday!

Even though I may not fit properly here,
but it doesn't matter.

I'm too sleepy to move even a bit...

Oh have a comfy weekend furriends..


Hello Furriends!

While I was checking up my territory this evening,
Suddenly I heard like someone calling me..
Then I look at the gate, then I saw this girl!

She said she just want to have a chat with me,
and I said it's ok to have a conversation as long as she stay outside,
because dogs are not allowed to be inside my house..

She said ok!
I called her Chocolate, and she likes it *wink*

So, we have a very good talk this evening..

SO I guess I got a new furriend today.


Hello kitties!
Today I would like to teach a word BASKET, 
since I love to be in a basket so much!

In Malay Language,

To pronounce it;

I bet some of my furriends like being in BAKUL too, right?


Have a great day!

This is how the tail of mine look like when it is wet~
I prefer when it's floofy, who's agree with me, say 'meow'!

Hello furriends!
Take a look at the photo above,
I just curious...
What happen to my face?

Oh I'm so scared!
My secretary said it's just the camera.
But I'm curious....

Have u ever snap a pic, then lose your face like what have done to me above?

Elin's secretary: Oh Elin, believe me, it's nothing..he he

Elin: Have a good beginning of the week furriends!
Mak said I deserve a good rest after whole week busy of being cute.
Well, she did bought me a new flavor of dry meal, which is "Beef, Salmon & Cheese".

Oh I can't tell you how much I love the taste, especially the thing called cheese!
Everytime I have my meal, I will eat more than usual, then I got sleepy.. he he..

Oh Mak..
Your bed is very comfy..
Can I share the bed with you tonight, mak?

Regarding I'm a member of Society of Feline Gardeners hosted by Jonesie every Thursday, 
today I would like to teach a new word,

 which is GARDEN = TAMAN.

to pronounce it;
TA = TAR [like tartar sauce]

I want to check out my TAMAN, wanna join me? 


On this very sunshiny Tuesday, my human decided to make me all wet and fragrant.
So, today I took my bath, with mak help of course.

First, they boil water, because I only tolerate with warm water,
if not, they'll get punish with my claw! LOL!

Heyya Furriends!

Mak is so gentle with me, and ask me to relax..
Before I get in that basin, she kiss me first :)


Mak said I'm heavy, so sometimes my sister needs to hold me while mak rub my fur.
I look skinny when my fur is wet, right?
But I really enjoy bath!

Then, when I finish with my bath, my sister bring me under the sun for me to dry my fur.
The sunshine is great!

After quite dry, I jump on to the washing machine to continue grooming myself.
So I guess that is all about my activity today, for more cats' activity, you can read on Gattina's.

Today, is the opening ceremony of Cat-O-Lympics which is hosted on Fin's, and the sub event also will be held in other several bloggie, which the tentatives is written in Fin's.  

I want to take part in Lizard Hunting, and since I'm not sure how to host it [silly me],
I decided to perform it as an Opening Ceremony.

Here I go, I hope you will enjoy my performance !

In Lizard Hunting, the first step is to determine where on Earth the lizard is!
Focus on the noise they make, and use the tiny nose to sniff their stink skin!
Once u have detected where they are,
move slowly, breathe quietly and keep an eye on it, don't let them run and hide.

Then, follow the lizard patiently, and use your paw to touch it a little bit.
When they struggle and won't listen to u, just pressed the lizard to the floor until he can't run anymore.

When the lizard is not moving anymore, 
let it stay on the floor for a while.
Just look at it, to ensure that the lizard is really your slave now.
If it still moving, press it to the floor again.

After the lizard is really surrender, pick the lizard with your mouth,
and drop it in front of your mom.
Look in her eyes to let your mom knows that u have make the effort of hunting the lizard by yourself, not stealing it from other kitty.

Here it is, the lizard that I hunted!
He thinks he is smart when he left his tail behind just to confuse me,
but I'm smarter than him, he he.

What is your opinion about this performance Fin & Furriends?

What was the last thing you ate?
:: Friskies Tuna Biscuits, yummy! ::

What was the last thing you said?
:: mow..mow..well, I'm a cat right? What else can I say? lol ::

What was the last song you heard?
:: advertisement song in the TV ::

What was the last TV show you watched? 
:: I don't remember, but I remember the last pigeon I observed just now! ::

What was the last movie you saw? 
:: same answer as above ::
What was the last thing that made you cry? 
:: when my neighbour hit me that day :( ::

What was the last thing that made you laugh?
:: the pigeon scared when I get near them! ::

Who was the last person to call you? 
:: Grandma.. She call my name when she can't see me hiding ::

Who was the last person to text you? 
:: We cat doesn't have a cellphone, we do blog! ;) ::

Who was the last person to comment you on your blog? 
:: at this time, the latest comment I receive is from dear RumblePurr :) ::
What was the last bug you ate?
:: I killed a lizard, was that count? ::
What was the last thing you bought?
:: My secretary bought me a stuffed mice, there are 3 of them altogether. 1 white, 1 red and 1 green ::

What was the last room you were in? 
:: kitchen, near my bowl ::

Which friend did you last see?
:: the cat at my backyard, my mom called her Warni ::

Where was your last holiday to? 
:: LOL, everyday is holiday for me :) ::

You can answer it too if you want~


TOday in my country, all Chinese citizens celebrating their Chinese New Year!
Oranges and Red are everywhere!

So I guess I want to put on something red too.

Happy Chinese New Year to all!


Hello Furriends!

As an introduction, I would like to tell u that in my country,
the formal outfit for ladies is Baju Kurung, as u can see in the photo below:

So, my secretary was so boring and have nothing to do,
she make me one, she sewed herself, by using a sewing machine of course!

Here it is:

And here is the slideshow I'm wearing it!
I hope u enjoy watching me being a model!


Happy Thursday fellow furriends!
Today, I would like to teach a new word,
it is TAIL.

In Malaysia, TAIL : EKOR

To pronounce it;

How's your EKOR furriends?

PS: If u noticed, now I used a new type of comments, so I could reply all of your comments,

Hello furriends!~
It's hot here in my garden..
So I found one good place to chillax!

Have a Happy Tuesday Kitteh!
Hi furriends!
My secretary's boyfriend edited a photo of mine by using a Photoscape Software.
I love the photo very much, and I would like to share it with all of u:

double me!
I can't imagine if I have a twins!~

Have a blast Monday!


he he he..
Have a happy Sunday Furriends!
Heyya Furriends from all over universe!
I'm very glad that I have been recovered from butt injuries..
thanks for all your purrs and purrayers!


today I would like to teach a new Malay word, which is FACE.


to pronounce it,

Have a happy day all furriend with a cute MUKA! ;)

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