Hello furriends!
My secretary woke me up!
Oh, actually, here in Malaysia, the time now is 1 a.m in the morning.

My secretary said, she can't sleep..
Lately, she is suffering with some kind of Insomnia problem..
Pity her!

So, since waiting for her sleeping mode turn on,
I decide to accompany her,
And she said she will let me use the computer to visit my furiends!

Look at the photo below..

That's me..after my secretary woke me up..


ps: I'm sorry if I couldn't go & visit all furriends, the internet is bad,
but I try to visit the next time :)
Hello furriends!
can u see me?
can u?
tee hee..
I'm chillaxing on the clean laundry!
oh furriends, that is my mak new basket..


I'm very glad to have all of u as my sweetest furriends ever!

I'm sorry for not checking my blog for a looooooong time..
I guess there are many stories of my furriends that i've missed..

I did not bog because of the problems occur, the robbery, and my secretary got some problems too..

But, just now.. she told me that,
she will be able to help me blog again!

Even though not everyday, perhaps 2-3 times every week!
I'll try my best!

SO furriends,
tell me about you since I'm not around, will u?
And I will walking & visiting your blog too, hopefully!

here are my latest photo furriends!
I'm eating ice cream!


I love U all very much!

*sorry for the photo, not so clear, I'm using cellphone camera*
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