I really hate this situation, I mean it.

Oh Hi furriends..
Me & my sisfur, Putih, had been attacked by FLEAS!
And I guess we got it from those stray cats that always sneak in our yard.

We have tried the insecticidal collars, 'spot-on' liquid & anti-flea shampoo (soo many times, oh and I hate BATH!), but still, those bad parasites can be found on us. During the bath time using the anti-flea shampoo, I can see many fleas drop out from our furs. Plus, my mom had left us with the shampoo is still on us for about 15 minutes before rinse. But, after me & Putih get dry, the eggs are still there.

Please help us furriends!
If there any tips that we should try before we seek the solution at the VET.

I feel like I'm not cute anymore.. :(

Everytime I open my laptop, I got sleepy.
When I got sleepy, I fell asleep.
When I fell asleep, I forgot to update my blog.

I'm sorry ~
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