My family is all thankful because this cute cat [me] pick them as my forever family!

And I'm thankful because mak gave me the cute little red bell to wear with my collar


I just clean it.

I love Mayonnaise!
Really love it!

Thanks Nenek (grandma) for giving it to me!

Do u like mayo, furriends?


Hey Furriends!
How's the weather in your place?

In Malaysia, it's raining almost everyday..

The rain makes my activities limited.
I can't walk around my garden,
it will make my paw wet..

Another problem is,
our laundry.
No sun to dry them..
It become part of my problem too,
because my laundry basket where I used to get a nap in,
is always empty without those warm and comfy cloths in it..

mak just hang the cloth under the roof..
it will dry, but a bit late..
but not warm at all!

the sky is dark..
the wind is cold!

me and mak always cuddling together..
I always help her with everything..
she gave me treat! yea!

My secretary a bit crazy today,
she did several experiments about my bloggie template.

U may find out that my bloggie like a bit crazy today..

he he..

Perhaps she is very depressed with here thesis,
and make my blog as a victim.

We will update soon,
don't get mad with her okay!


ps: I need your favor, please scroll ove my blog roll,
and find your link.
I'm afraid some link were accidentally remove during this blog renovation

do let me know if your link is not there.


My secretary neglected my bloggie..

she said she needs time for editing her thesis..
thesis again..
I think I will  hate that thesis thing forever...

ps: thanks for all the wishes for baby Nur! Her full name is Nurdina Zahra!



Hello furriends!!!

I got news for u!

On the 5th Nov, my new cousin born!
Her name is Nur, it's temporary though,
her parents still think about her name!

presenting Nur!

she is so tiny.....

her is my mak holding her, with my abah and cousin Nasrul too!

Oh so tiny!

Here is my Nenek [grandma] holding her on the way back to her home!

what a bless =)

oh how relaxing rolling over on the grass..

My human challenge me to play that thing.

But it end up like this..

I'm not interested..

Hello furriends!
Today I would like to share with all of u about my hobby!
I love art!

Would like to see my masterpiece?
Scroll down!

But why abah & mak doesn't like it..

Oh hi Furriends!
Sorry I'm a little late updating my blog, my secretary is busy.

Thanks for all your wishes for my abah's bithday!
He said thanks!


Here's a cake for u!

The cake is cut!
I took mine!

happy day everyone!

ps: my secretary is sorry for not doing the blogwalking much till December perhaps..
Can't wait for the thesis to be finish then I can use the laptop whenever I like!
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