As promised, today I will introduce my new Sisfur, who is very energetic, loves soil so much, quite shy and moves a lot! It's hard to snap a picture of her!

Presenting Putih!
Putih means White in Malay!

She is a local breed cat with mostly white fur, and some brown on her back, tail, and ears.
According to the VET while we are taking her there for neutered a few weeks ago, she is about 8-9 moths old. Actually, we have no idea where did she come from. 

One day, my mum found her on our garden, meowing, looks scared and very thin. We pity her and start to feed her. After that, as the day goes by, she is still here in our garden. I always see her sleeping in one of my mum's pot. Always in that pot. But when my human try to hold her, she ran away. Later, she came back. 

After a few weeks, she let us get near to her, and let my human pet her a little. Then, she became more friendly and let my mum put a collar on her. So after getting a permission from my dad, she is officially my little sisfur although Putih herself did not want to get into our house but only in the garden.

I wonder when will she wants to get in, but it's ok to be outside since there are fences around our house, so she will be safe from strangers.

I hope she will be happy tobe a part of our family =)

Hello furriends!
Ready for another Malay word to learn today?

Today, the word is CHUBBY.

Chubby like me?


To pronounce it:


My secretary said I looked extra TEMBAM in these 2 photos..
But still cute right?

Hello Furriends!

I'm in rushing mood now!
But still I will show you my tail!

Wondering where am I going?
Actually, I'm going to play with my little sisfur!
I'll tell you about her this Friday!

I'm happy to finally have a new kitty in my house since it's only me after Boody went to the rainbow bridge..



Hello Furriends!

SOme of you might already know that my secretary has an online bookstore, which she sells secondhand novel, with lower price. SOmetimes she made a good sales, but sometimes don't.

So, as a good kitty, I am willingly lending my paw to help her with her business.

I help her to protect those novels from being stolen!

For more Cat On Tuesday amazing stories, do not hesitate to visit Gattina's. There you can meet with handsome Arthur too!
Nothing much to say, I prefer to chillax in the sink today !

Have a good day furriends =)
Hello furriends!

I hope you still remember this Teaching Thursday, because my lazy secretary forget about it sometimes, how sad!

Today's word for Teaching Thursday is WATER.

In Malay Language;


To pronounce it:


But, pronounce it quickly. hehe.

Alright, that's it for today, I wanna get some sleep!

See you soon Furriends!

It's Tail Tuesday again!

TOday I wear hairband at my tail!
Or should I call it tailband?

he he he
Hello kitty furriends, furry furriends and human friends !

Today I did nothing much, it's cloudy weather though.
So I think, I want to spend a time outside, to feel the breezy wind on my fur ;)

And, I choose to lounge on my motorcycle,
but my abah [dad] always said it was his, what a shame!
It's mine!

Oh it makes me feeling good!

On this motorcycle, the basket is my favorite..
But it's kinda weird, why do the basket get smaller each day?
It makes me hard to squeezed myself  in..

But it's ok I guess, I just love to be here =)
Hi Furriends!
Thanks for all of your advise, me and my family really appreciate them.
I'm better today, but still I refuse to get outside. I prefer to stay in and cuddle with my human.

But, when I get outside for a while just now, I meet Chocolate!
Do you still remember about her, the dog from my neighborhood?
On this post, which posted on the end of July, I mentioned that she is going to have a baby!

Guess what, today she is here, with her babies!
Yes babies, there are 5 puppies!

They don't have owner, meaning they don't have home.
My family are Muslims, so we can't keep dogs as a pet.
But I hope someday, they will get adopted.
They are pretty cute though!

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