Hello Furriends!

Still about my sisfur, so today I'll show you her tail!


Take care!
You know, Putih really loves to eat, 
but I wonder why don't she get fat like me.

Her bowl is always need to be refill.

Empty again!

Mak.. Putih need her food now, again!!!
My busy tail on this Tuesday!

Peeping some birdies outside!

Soon furriends!
Take care!
Hello Furriends! 
Today's post is brought to you by me, Putih.

Oh, my sisfur Elin is busy catching some dragonflies at our garden.
So she asked me to show my box room to all of you by myself.

I'm quite nervous here because I'm a newbie here..

Alright, as mentioned before, I don't like to be indoor.
I prefer to stay outdoor. Mak says it's OK as long as I keep myself inside our fence.

Alright, here is my box room which I used to sleep during the night, as well as during a day too.

I feel comfy inside here, but my sisfur refuse to sleep together with me in here..
She said it's quite small and she may not fit herself in.

I guess that's all for today,
take care!

Hello Furriends!

It almost raining everyday in my place,
and some places already flooded.

So, I'm tired thinking about how to do bird watching according to my schedule,
because if it is raining outside, mak wouldn't allow me to go to my garden.
She said my paws will get wet and dirty. She ask me to do my birdwatching activity from the window upstairs.
But there is no bird at all on the roof when it's raining time. Sigh..

I asked my little sisfur about what to do to skip this boredom?
Then she suggested for we to sleep, and do the birdwatching in our dream!

What a brilliant idea Putih gave to me!

So, I choose to sleep and relax upstairs on top of the sewing machine table:

While my lovely little sisfur is chillaxing on my mak's lap for a while before she continue sleeping in her room outside:

Putih: Hello world! I'll ask Elin to show you how's my room look a like this Monday OK!

Elin: Alright Putih, I'll post about your little room this Monday. I hope our secretary will not forget about this! LOL
As promised, today I will introduce my new Sisfur, who is very energetic, loves soil so much, quite shy and moves a lot! It's hard to snap a picture of her!

Presenting Putih!
Putih means White in Malay!

She is a local breed cat with mostly white fur, and some brown on her back, tail, and ears.
According to the VET while we are taking her there for neutered a few weeks ago, she is about 8-9 moths old. Actually, we have no idea where did she come from. 

One day, my mum found her on our garden, meowing, looks scared and very thin. We pity her and start to feed her. After that, as the day goes by, she is still here in our garden. I always see her sleeping in one of my mum's pot. Always in that pot. But when my human try to hold her, she ran away. Later, she came back. 

After a few weeks, she let us get near to her, and let my human pet her a little. Then, she became more friendly and let my mum put a collar on her. So after getting a permission from my dad, she is officially my little sisfur although Putih herself did not want to get into our house but only in the garden.

I wonder when will she wants to get in, but it's ok to be outside since there are fences around our house, so she will be safe from strangers.

I hope she will be happy tobe a part of our family =)

Hello furriends!
Ready for another Malay word to learn today?

Today, the word is CHUBBY.

Chubby like me?


To pronounce it:


My secretary said I looked extra TEMBAM in these 2 photos..
But still cute right?

Hello Furriends!

I'm in rushing mood now!
But still I will show you my tail!

Wondering where am I going?
Actually, I'm going to play with my little sisfur!
I'll tell you about her this Friday!

I'm happy to finally have a new kitty in my house since it's only me after Boody went to the rainbow bridge..



Hello Furriends!

SOme of you might already know that my secretary has an online bookstore, which she sells secondhand novel, with lower price. SOmetimes she made a good sales, but sometimes don't.

So, as a good kitty, I am willingly lending my paw to help her with her business.

I help her to protect those novels from being stolen!

For more Cat On Tuesday amazing stories, do not hesitate to visit Gattina's. There you can meet with handsome Arthur too!
Nothing much to say, I prefer to chillax in the sink today !

Have a good day furriends =)
Hello furriends!

I hope you still remember this Teaching Thursday, because my lazy secretary forget about it sometimes, how sad!

Today's word for Teaching Thursday is WATER.

In Malay Language;


To pronounce it:


But, pronounce it quickly. hehe.

Alright, that's it for today, I wanna get some sleep!

See you soon Furriends!

It's Tail Tuesday again!

TOday I wear hairband at my tail!
Or should I call it tailband?

he he he
Hello kitty furriends, furry furriends and human friends !

Today I did nothing much, it's cloudy weather though.
So I think, I want to spend a time outside, to feel the breezy wind on my fur ;)

And, I choose to lounge on my motorcycle,
but my abah [dad] always said it was his, what a shame!
It's mine!

Oh it makes me feeling good!

On this motorcycle, the basket is my favorite..
But it's kinda weird, why do the basket get smaller each day?
It makes me hard to squeezed myself  in..

But it's ok I guess, I just love to be here =)
Hi Furriends!
Thanks for all of your advise, me and my family really appreciate them.
I'm better today, but still I refuse to get outside. I prefer to stay in and cuddle with my human.

But, when I get outside for a while just now, I meet Chocolate!
Do you still remember about her, the dog from my neighborhood?
On this post, which posted on the end of July, I mentioned that she is going to have a baby!

Guess what, today she is here, with her babies!
Yes babies, there are 5 puppies!

They don't have owner, meaning they don't have home.
My family are Muslims, so we can't keep dogs as a pet.
But I hope someday, they will get adopted.
They are pretty cute though!

It's tragic & terrible!
We are really shocked, the condition of the dead cat is bad.
I don't want to say much, but the body is bloated and full with maggot  :'(

Sometimes I saw him passed by my garden, but I don't like him.
I chased him and we had several fought. 
But still, it's sad to found his body like that.
Me, my secretary, mak & abah [dad] were together buried him.

We are still wondering, what might caused his tragic death.

Elin's Secretary: After saw that dead cat, Elin is somewhat hiding in the bathroom, this is unusual. Is this temporary, or should we do something? Advise needed!
Hello furriends!

It's Tail Tuesday on Elin's!
I edited my photo to highlight my bushy tail in action!

My tail is my asset, I love it! 

Hey I'm still a good cat, cat will always be good you know! The bad creature here is my secretary, and also the innernets connection. Apology!

Few days ago, I have been tagged by Jebat! He gave award too! Hey thanks Jebat the Handsome Cat! 

Here is the award:

As well as the rulez~!:

The rule is simple!
The only thing that the awardees need to do is to list FIVE things that made them happy, and LINK to the blog that has given them the award! Then, pass it to SIX cat-lover blogs.
We request some PHOTOS too :D

 Alright, what makes me a Happy Cat are:

1) My Family & Furriends on the blog!

-especially cuddling with my mak ^^-

2) Basket for sleep, oh those baskets are really important to me! Cat like me need some personal room too =)

3) Bags, woa I love them! They keep me cozy when I need them ;)

4) My food bowl, they have magic you know, because no matter what time I feel like eating, the biscuits are always filled the bowl. Never empty! It's great right!

5) My gardens, oh I must visit my garden everyday! I love flowers too! Do you?

Actually there are number 6, 7, 8...bla bla bla but I have to list only 5! Lol!

So, this award is going to be passed to those 6 furriends:


I hope to hear from you soon! =)
Hello furriends!

I would to wish all Malaysian Happy 53th Independent Day!
We Malaysian have a great and peaceful country since 31st August 1957.
Great job to our leader, and thanks to God for all this happiness!

I love my Malaysia!
Come and visit us, we have so many interesting place for tourism too!
We have beach, mountain, historical places, and we have a great shopping mall too!
For the tail, it's out Big Brother time to show off his tail!

He's threatened, his population number is declined..
On this great day, I pray for all Tiger Survival..
Stop hunting them!

Hello furriends..

Monday come again, so I need to be in charge again..
Today I assigned myself to take care of this small but full of precious stuff vault!

If bad guy come over and try to touch it, I'll scratch!



So I guess I want to spent my whole weekend, sleeping and snoozing!
How about you, furriends?
Any activity that you are going to join this weekend?

If nothing, you can join me sleeping here!

Hello furriends!

Today I want to invite you to play something..
Come, let's go!

The game is Pick Pick Pick and Make Silly Sentence!

For the Top Wear, I use the color of my collar, but you can use the color of your sweater ir you are wearing one, or the color of your fur! For human friends, of course you need to use the color of your shirt :) Oh you can click the picture for a larger view~!

My answer is: 

I lick the stinky car mechanic because I'm scared.


What's your answer?
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