yes furriend...i love to eat cat biscuits!
they are chunky and crunchy...yummy!

oh goodness...
seems like the biscuits stock are running out...
if there are no biscuits, how am i gonna eat?
what am i gonna chew?
wondering if i could eat the plants in mom's garden?

no! i'm not a vegetarian!

mak help!

can u please refill the biscuit stock?

and then..mak go out..

she goes to the supermarket to buy my biscuits!

Boody's tuna as well....

i eat Friskies Biscuit!
look! with a Tuna flavor!
mak, i love u!
and mak said, the price of the biscuits are 11MYR per packet..
hey furriends, what type of food u eat?
and what is the brand?
do u eat Friskies too in your place?

do all my furriends have a photo with national flag too?
if so, let's share!

Today i'm going to focus about my biggest problem when i'm in the house..
especially when it is the time for me to relax and streching up my back bone on the floor! *lol
alright furriends..glance at both of the photo below..
-1st photo-

-2nd photo-

do i look similar to the floor??
because mostly when i feel to refresh my tummy by sitting here, my human family will step on me!
and then i'll scrrream, "meeeeeoowwwwwwwwww!!!!"
because it's hurts when those humans with weight more than 50kgs step on me..

poor me...
and when it comes to night? oh believe me, it's worse!

but i'm stubborn too, i don't want to go elsewhere.. *giggles..
i like to sit here.. because it is cool, and shiny.. especially after abah (dad) mopped the floor..
if abang (human brother) is home for a holiday, we love to play chasing each other on this nice floor!

but still, i hope they will not step on me again..

here comes the crazy side of a cat named Elin!
oh hi furriends!
oh it is hard to turn around with this big chubby body..
hold on a second.. i'm turning to face u..
do u know where am i now?
my mom and akak put me in here.. oh no..
i absolutely do not like it...
can't u here me?
hey.. i wanna get out from here.. it is a small and hot..
moreover, in here there are many lizards poop poop!
please let me out...

now i understand what those letters from the postman feel..
poor letters... if my human did not take them out quickly, they for sure must feel terrible as i am now...

seems like mom had open the post box door...
let's get out of here...
mom! is it really i can get out?
or u just wanna to play around with me?
alright..i go out now...
i wanna get inside the house...
it is much more better than the post box...
mom, akak, watch out!
i'll scratch the sofa once i get inside....
that would pay what u'd done to me..
*naughty giggles.....

Hi Furriends!!
I'm sorry for not blogging for a few days..
Today, i want to introduce my old brother, Boody!
Here he is!
He is 17++years old..and on this coming may, he'll be 18!
poor brother... this picture above was taken last year.
at this time, he is sick, because he accidentally swallowed a fish bone..
and went to a vet to take it out, otherwise he'll die :(
but luckily, he's ok then.
we are not siblings.. my mom keep him first.. then, after he's getting old and not playful anymore, my mom bought me from a pet store...
i always want to play with Boody, but he won't.
He seems like did not want to befriend with me..
But it's ok, i still love him because my mom told me that i must love boody because he is my brother!
Though he is quite ego with me, but he is a very nice cat!
he is a mix breed of Persian and Malaysian local cat, so he got a fluff fur with local cats' coloration.

he is very old and seems tired everyday..
he cannot run and jump and climb aggressively anymore...
he always spend his time sleeping...
everyday he eat cat's sardine 2-4 times..
he loses many of his teeth..
but he is very good in cleaning himself!
he is never looks dirty!

oh i almost forget to tell u!
his tail is short!

he has green eyes...
red nose...
beautiful colors...
he has his own weird eating habit...
he can, and love, to eat vegetables, 'durian', 'rambutan', which are Malaysia local fruit and also papaya..
Boody, i love u so much, as much as my family love him..
and still hoping that one day he will be nice with me instead of being so fierce with me......

i love u, brother!!
i got something to tell all my furriend..
something that i hate the most!
Just now i used to play outside.. and did my fav activity as usual..
those tiny ants jelous at me!
they bite me!

oh's very itchy!
my ears!!

my cheeks..
my whiskers.
oh no..
Yesterday i told u i want to share with u what is my faV activity..
ok, now u can follow me..i'll show it..
come come...

okey now let us sit at the base of this tree... and look up there!

can u see what i mean?

I love to watch those pigeon!
There are at my neighbour house, and since my neighbour do not lived there, so the population of the pigeon increase!!

I remember during my earlier days doing this, there are only 2-3 pigeons, with several other birds.. but my mom love to feed them with our family residual rice, the BIRDS became more and more everyday.. and that makes me happy!!

because there are more birds that i can observe! :)

looking at those birds makes me wonder, can i catch them? eat them? Giggles!
hmm..maybe not.. but if it is yes, i'll try!

and u know what... one more reason why i like to peep those birds here because the wind are so cool makes me comfy and pampered sitting on the green grass..

more, i sit in the shadow.. :)

oak aww... i felt sleepy already...

but i still want to peep the birds... or in Malay, i called it 'skodeng'...

oh no...
i can't help it...
it's too breezy now...
i think i want to sleep...
see u next time furrriends!!

because i love to do this..
next time i'll show u my fav activity!

I'm not happy today..

because in Malaysia it is too hot today..

Try to find a nice spot to nap but i feel hot everywhere..


Elin want to thanks every cat and person who wants to be my friend!
I have a gift for all my friends!
Paste the photo above on your blogs and webs as the symbol of our sweet friendship (^^,)

wanna sleep with me?

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