Hello furriends!

My secretary said I look like a model in this photo:

And I said, No, I don't look like a model because I'm not talented!
What do you say furriends?

Meet my neighbourhood furriend, Warni!
She don't have a bloggie.
So, I would like to introduce her to you!

Warni, meet the world!

Hello dearie furriends..

Thank you for all your support about the meany that called me sucks.
I've decided to remove the chatbox, thank you for all your opinion and suggestion,
I love you all!

So today, I would like to teach a new Malay word.

To pronounce it;

Bu = Boo
Ang = Wunk

So now, I can sleep happily!

Thank you for reading my blog :)
Hello Furriends!
Today is Tuesday, supposely I sholud conducting a Tail Tuesday,
but unfortunately when I check my chat box today, I found out 3 messages that makes me teribbly sad.

Someone called me sucks.

By using 'Guest' as a nickname, he/she doesn't left any link to reach him/her.
So I can't trace who is the sender. Can I say this human is coward?

What can I say is, I'm very sorry for hurting your eyes seeing me.
And, you are totally not invited to read this blog if you don't want to.
I never force anybody to read, never.

I just want you to know, even that you said it is just your personal point of view, you truely hurt my secretary's heart, and she will never forgive you. If I'm irritating you, why don't just  click the 'x' box on the upper right of this window, just go. But why did you stay on this page, browse through my bloggie, and left those harsh words? 

My tail is much more pretty than the fake!
Hello furriends!
Friday come again!

I plan to be a spy today, I will check and investigate everything suspicious.
Have a great Friday!
Hello furriends!
Thursday come again!
And it's my teaching day!

THis morning, I found this little creature in my garden.

Mak said, it's a pest.

In Malay, we call SNAIL as SIPUT.

To pronounce it, 

It is very slow in moving, it makes me yawn watching it..
Hello Furriends!

Have a good day ahead!
Hello furriends!
How I miss you!
My secretary is quite busy with her home-base business lately,
it's a small business, but I'll support her!

So today is Thursday,
and it's my teaching day!

Today's word is FRIEND.

In Malay,

To pronounce it;

I'm so happy, because I have SO MANY lovely online FRIEND!
I love you all!

ps: It's my angel brother Boody birthday today, if he's still here, he will be 19 today..


Thank you.

Have a good weekend furriends!~
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