Mak said, I need to eat a pill.. for the purpose to kill the worms inside me..
But I hate to eat the pill very much!!

A few months ago, when mak approached me to eat the pill, I immediately become a very bad girl! I scratched her! And I spit the pill out!

So, I guess mak had learn from her experience. She did this to me when she want to feed me with yucky!

Oh..Mak.. U are so smart.. So, I can't refuse the pill anymore..I can't move.. So, reluctantly.. I need to swallow the pill! Owh!!!! No!!

Hmm..human.. what ever!~

Since Boody went to the bridge, there is no mancat in my house anymore..
But today, I would like to introduce to u, my cousin! His name is Nasrul! He said hello to all of my furriends!

He is 12 this year, soon he will become a man!

Hello effurrybody!
Elin is back with news to share!
Can u see me in the photo above?
I'm sitting in the dark, together with the portable lamp!

Yesterday night, from 8.30-9.30 pm [Malaysia Time], we are having the Earth hour celebration!
Mom said, we need to switch off the light for just 1 hour as a support to save our world!

I'm sure, most of my furriends here also join the program right?

My humans were having dinner in the dark!
Can u see my abah [dad] in the photo?

He is eating the 'Roti Boom'.. which is 1 kind of a bread, eat together with curry..

My sister said, we must join this program! It is for our world future!
We must reduce the energy use in order to save our world, even though 1 hour is already a good effort!

I'm a cat, I don't understand it much, but I'm sure it will bring the good benefit.

Oh..the dark makes me sleepy..

Hello all my furriends!
Sorry for not visiting much, there is some problem with the!
Still me can only post this entry, but it's some difficulty to visit other blog..
I'm very disappointed about this..

So I decide to finish my time to snoooze in style,
to show my protest!

How dare the internet treat a cute cat like this!

See u all when the problem is solve..
Gonna miss u all!

I feel like I want to rest on mak's bed..hehe~

Oh it is so comfortable here.. Now I understand why mak always ignore me when I wake her up to show that I caught a cockroach during midnight.. It is so comfy to sleep here than bother a bad cockroach..

i think i want to take some snoozy here..

Hi effurryone! Mak had told me interesting story just now, about my late brother Boody who went to the bridge 8th March ago..
Mak said, after Boody died, she and my dad buried Boody in our fruit orchard, which is located about 4 kilometers from our house.
Mak added, she planted a bougainvilla tree on Boody's grave, as a remembrance to Boody.

And, a few days ago, mak together with my granny and 2 sisters, went to the orchard to visit Boody's grave. They missed Boody so bad, so they went there.

Unfortunately, when they arrived there, they found out that the bougainvilla bloom!
White in color, just like Boody's face!

And the picture below is Boody's grave.
Mak said, Boody are now the guardian for our orchard. He is now have a new duty, because he is now young again, so he is totally able to take care of this orchard!
Oh Boody, how we missed u~~

In this orchard, my humans, including my late grandfather, had planted many fruit trees here!
And they are Malaysian local fruit!
Below are pictures of our fruit trees, u can click on the picture to see the fruit when they riped!

This is my sis Nana with the Pulasan fruit tree. Pulasan mean twist, it is because when human want to eat the fruit, they have to twist the fruit to get it.

This is my sis Syazni, with a Jackfruit tree. But the fruit isn't there yet, it's only the bud coming out, and we must wait for a few months more to get the Jackfruit.

This is my Granny, or in Malay I called her Nenek. She is with the Durian fruit tree. Many people say that most people from USA & Europe doesn't like the Durian fruit, is it true furriends? But my late brother Boody love it very much. Same as the Jackfruit, the Durian is also still a bud now.

And this is my beloved mak, with a mango fruit tree! I love the smell of the mango but I don't eat it.

I'm very sure that Boody can guard this orchard and fruits well!

Sounds that they were having a great time visiting the orchard and Boody's grave, but for your information, they did not bring me along... They are no pictues of me with the trees..
So now, I'm sulking.
No photography session for today...

I'm sitting here, then my mak came by and bring along this mousie..
Boo mousie, u are motionless, so my mak tie it with a string to make it move..see..he's coming closer to me..

mak, please take this mousie away from me.. please mak..
Oh no, the mousie are now touching my floof!

Seem like the mousie really want to play..
what should i do furriends?

ok, this is what I do to the naughty mousie..

for your information, it's already 4 years we are playing together, & I always hurt the mousie.., but I don't know why he never regrets..always come to me to play..

Hi Efurryone...Guess where am i?

I'm under a Hibiscus tree in my garden! Mom's garden actually..

For your information, Hibiscus is Malaysian National Flowers..
Mom said, this flowers beautiful & I feel honor to have it in my house!
Does the flower beautiful?

Today I feel like I want to groom myself here, on this cute chair [my sis said so, not me].
Because it is raining, no birdies. So I need to find another entertainment.
Suddenly, while I'm licking all around my fur, I heard somebody calling me, "Hi Elin, can u see us? We can see u! Heheheh"
Oh no, I'm curious! Where does the tiny voice come from? Are the lizards brave enough to call me like that?
But there are no lizards when I look up o the ceiling!
I look around, and suddenly I saw 1 transparent box, but it seems like the box box are filled with water! Oh no! See!

There are 3 creatures inside the box! 2 orange fat creatures are still moving, but the black one is
motionless! Is the creature die? Oh no!
So, I ask the oranges,

Elin: Who are u? Are u drowning? I never see u 3 before this!
Bobok 1: I'm Bobok 1, and we are Goldfish! We are not drown, we are swimming in the water. Meet Bobok 2, Elin!

Bobok 2: Hi Elin, mak have been told us about u! Hope that we can be friends!
Elin: Sure we are friends, but how about the black one there, he's not moving! Is he ok?

Bobok 1: Oh, that one is just a statue for us to play with, Elin.

Elin: Oh, I see.
Bobok 1 & Bobok 2: Let's join us play around, Elin. Can u swim?
Elin: Oh maybe I'll just watch u from here, I'm scared of water instead.
But, from the deep bottom of my heart, how I wish I could be inside the box just like below..

Those Bobok looks yummy I guess!
Elin: Mak, can I eat them?
Mak: NO! Don't u ever try!
Oh no, why do mak say like that? Do u know why, furriends?
At first, me plan to help mak with laundry...
But the smell of the softener suddenly makes my eyes can not be open~
It is sooooo comfy up here~~


I received this award from Lucy & Trixie!
Thanks Girls!

When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows who he or she is.Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including ones who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself, as well as an Honest Photo...Then, pass it on!

10 honest things about me:

1) I am fat. ;)
2) I am very naughty, that's why I love to do my masterpiece artwork!
3) I am heavy, my humans think I'm as heavy as 2 years-old-kid
4) I love watching birdies at the neighbors house
5) I love chasing squirrel and lizards, and look they fears at me.har har har!
6) Don't touch my belly, I'll scratch u!
7) I love licking Mayonaise..Yummy!
8) I always want a company, usually mom, when I eat. I hate eating alone.
9) I love to sleep by my Abah [dad]
10) I do not want to eat wet cat food, because I'm spoiled..har har har!
11) I love the air conditioning machine so much! It's hot in Malaysia, u know~

My honest photo: Mak [mom] almost dropped me because I'm heavy~
I would like to pass this award to this furriends:
Elin is tension!
Because my human parents are not at home..
until Saturday..
So I need to follow my sister to her hostels yesterday..
I need to sleep there..
But I'm not happy at all being there, so I forced her to bring me back home.. so she did, this morning!
After 1 night without snoozing at all, I'm very tired now... want to catch some dreams now!

I would like to cover three topics altogether, can I? is my toesy (^^,)

And my Tummy (^^,)


##I'm blush so I remove the "funny" photo##


Today I want to show u my artwork, my masterpiece!
scroll down..there are my artworks..
the TV room's couch
the living room's single sofa
the living room's sofa

the living room's another sofa!

I wonder why my humans always yell at me for my masterpiece..
is it ugly?
And when I did some touch up to the artworks, they usually do not groom me for a while..
& I need to do it myself~

And it makes me wonder....
And thanks to Cat street Boyz for passing the Kreativ Blogger Award to me!
6 fav things:
1) Birdies!
2) squirels!
3) snoozing!
4) Friskies!
5) laundry basket!
6) touch up my masterpiece!
Thanks Guys!!
[I know u like my Masterpiece =P ]
I would like to pass it to cats that haven't receive it yet!

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