Hello furriends!

Do you still remember that I told you about a girl woofy named Chocolate?

She came again!

And guess what, she's going to have a baby soon!
Look at her tummy!

She looks like she gain weight!

Hello furriends!
How are you today? 
I would like to ask, does anyone here is a shy cat?
Because I had meet one little kitten in my yard, but she is very shy to human.
When my mak approaches her, she run away.
But then, she come again and meowing at us.

So today i want to teach SHY in Malay.


To pronounce it;

MA = MA (like 'ma' in 'momma')

Sometimes I Malu with the cameras.. lol
It's Tuesday, and it's the day for Tail Tuesday!

My tail look darker than usual, why is that????
Hello Furriends!

Did you know that my secretary is on diet?
She needs to reduce her weight.
Besides eating a small amount of meal than usual, she also need to do some exercise.

So, she decide to use the dancing mat to make some move and burns some calories.
So I think, she needs a coach, and I am the one who really suits to train her doing well!

To begin, step up to the center of the dancing mat, when you are ready, press Start!

Then, follow the beat to make a move.
And alert with the arrows, either to move to the left, right, in front or back!

Sometimes you need to jump to catch up with the faster beat!
And sometimes you need to turn around 180 degree!

But beware not to fall!

But I wonder why she's laugh at me~!
Today my secretary snap a picture of my backside.

She said she loves my marking on my fur,
she also loves to stroke over my soft fur.
Plus, she love the smell of my backside.

I just don't know why she's acting like that.

Do you know why?
It's Friday!

Let's relax!

It's tired to snoopervise the house for a whole week..
I need a kitty rest..

Hello furriends!

Thursday come again, and it's time for Teaching Thursday!

Today's word is SHAKE.

In Malay,


To pronounce it;


Let's shake our body! 
Hello, looking for my tail?
Here it is!

I decide for the tail to be indoor while I'm outside ;)


New week started again, time flies fast!
It's nearly the end of July already.

A few weeks ahead, my family will be fasting due Ramadhan.

I heard my secretary said to someone, look forward to your future,
so I will look forward to see what future look alike.

How's the future look like my furriends?
Hey furriends..

Finally the Friday is here..
It's time for a great snooze!

For this Friday, I choose to spoiled myself with Nenek (Grandmother Bean)..

Hello Furriends!

I'm very sorry that I've cancelled my lesson for the last two weeks due to some problems.

So, today I would like to teach FLUFFY in Malay.


To pronounce it;


Sometimes GEBU also is use for a very smooth skin for human, and usually GEBU is used to describe someone cute *wink*

Have a nice day ahead!

I found this photo on the innernet,
the bird's tail is really pawsome right?

And I wonder how we cats look like if we have tail like Peacock.. :p

ps: sorry I did not blogwalking recently :(

Just chilling on the car, feel the breezy wind on my fur and tail!

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