Hello Furriends!

Can you see me through the window?

Today I want to invite you come and play on my roof!
But if you are afraid of heights, please stay indoor with my secretary,
she's not going with me, she's just looking at me from inside..

Alright, let's start exploring!

I smell something here!
It must be the stray mancat! He always sleep on my roof!

COme on, come with me!
I want to show you the bird hidey hole!

But I can't take the picture of the hidey hole,
my secretary said CAMERA is not allowed on the roof!

So, if you want to see it, please come and join me on my roof today!

Hello furriends!
Hope you are having a great Sunday!

Today I just hang out with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!

Both of them are cross stitch that my mak [mom] did when my secretary is a baby, and now my secretary is 24! They are old! But my secretary still hang them in her room because she love them, especially Donald!

Now I'm curious, we are hanging out together, but only Donald & Mickey is hanging, I'm not. Would it still consider as hang out? :P

Hello furriends!

I love basket!

Lounging in the basket is heaven!

But, if there are more basket, which is baskets,

I will be very very very happy!

Have a great weekend furriends, 
I want to snooze in my Basket Tower =)
Hello furriends!

First of all, I want to tell that I have a Formspring account!
As you can see on my sidebar, there's a column where u can ask me anything, even it's silly!
I'll try to answer and I guess we going to have fun!

Today, I got tagged again by our gorgeous furriend Jackpot!

This is the 10th picture tag game. 
I had to find the tenth picture from my photo folder. 
And I have to tell the story of this picture.

Since last Tuesday I used my 1st folder, 
today the photo will be from the 2nd folder!

And the photo is.... *drum*

This a photo of my late brother Boody!
He was a very handsome mancat, right?
This photo was taken about 3 years ago..
He was checking his teritory [our neighbor house],
and came near when we said we want to snap his photo!
And then he came and gave us a very nice pose!

Boody left to the rainbow bridge on 8th March 2009,
at the age of 17.

He is still in our heart, we missed you Boody!

Anyone who wants to play this tag, you are most welcome! 


Happy Friday kitties!
Hello furriends!
Today is Thursday, and it's the time for Teaching Thursday!

Today's word is PEEP!

In Malay, 

to pronounce it;

In that photo, I INTAI birdie on the roof!

Hello furriends!

Today my secretary will do a book reviewing, and this is her first time reviewing book!
I hope you can comment, because she's hard in expressing her feelings by words..he he..

Elin's secretary: Hello everyone, today is my turn using this blog, I hope you don't mind =)

Today, I would like to review about a book that is suitable for cat lovers, 

entitled Katz Tales - Living under the velvet paw, written by Ellen Whyte. [ISBN 978-967-3035-64-9] Ellen was born in Netherlands, but lives in Malaysia now! =)

This book is divided into two parts, where the first part is the author's experience keeping some local cats [Malaysian cats] , or we called them Kucing Kampung. Ellen writes stories about cats that lived in her house during since she lives in Malaysia, starting with Scoop, Mr. Bones, Au and Target. This section play with a lot of emotions, author is very smart playing with emotion when she wrote about those cute living creatures! Some stories makes me laugh, smile, sad .. and always makes me go and cuddled with Elin, and thought of late Boody. Authors also emphasize that cats are not just pets, but also serve as friends and family members. I agree with this statement!

In the second part, Ellen insert some tips on cat care and thethings that often become a question mark for cat keeper. This section is particularly useful for those who have thought to make cat friends or family members at home, because it is inserted about the annual budget needed when keeping a cat, how to keep cats from damaging furniture, and emphasized that cats are animals that have a relatively long life span, so requires persistence in advocating them, because they are also God creatures that can not be wasted.

Personally, I feel this book is very interesting, because I am willing to continue to read even in the dark! Haha! I share the room with my younger sister, so I don't want to disturb her sleep, so I just read by the help of the bathroom light.. haha .. This book also contain photoof all the Cute furry furriends, so we can  appreciate their stories better! . =)

TOn sale now in bookshops in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia  and is only worth RM28! It is worth to pay for this  200 pages thick book =)

Any enquiries or further information, you can visit the Katz Tales.

Elin: How is it furriends? ;)
Hello furriends!

How are you?

I'm doing good today, and here's the tail!

Sorry for the ugly pixel, my sister is using her cheap cellpone!

And today I got tagged by Brian! woohoo!

The rules are you have to find your first photo folder, scroll down to the 10th photo, post that photo and tell the story behind it; you must then tag 5 other bloggers to play the game.

And the 10th photo is..... *drum*

Ah this photo was taken several months ago, at this moment, I went upstairs to my mom's room,
to get a drink.. This is my habit, I ate at the kitchen, but I won't get a drink at the kitchen because I think the water from my mom's bathroom sink is more yummy than the kitchen's.

And the 5 furriends I would like to tag are [which I choose randomly to be fair]:

I hope we are having a good play here ;)

I'm looking for something good this weekend from up here,
any suggestion furriends?

Have a great weekend!

ps: i've change the comment format to the older one back, i hope it's more convenience :)
Hello furriends of mine!
Today is Thursday, and it's my teaching day!

Alright, today I would like to teach you a new Malay word, which is PAINTING.


To pronounce it;

The girl on the picture is putting me in her LUKISAN :P

Today is Thursday, and it's a Teaching Day!

Ok furriends,
today's word is CURTAIN.

In Malay,

To pronounce it;

SO today I'm hiding behing the Langsir =)
What are you doing today furriend?
Last year, on the same date as today, 8th March 2009,
my Brother, Boody went to the Rainbow Bridge at 10.45pm Malaysia time..
at the age of 17..

This photo was taken a few hours before he died..
Most of my furriends from all over the world drop by with condolence..
We are totally thankful because having a bunch of sweet furriends..

Boody, you are still in my heart, and in our family's heart..
You are always be remembered..
We missed you very much..

Hello Furriends, it's Tuesday!
So, today I'm going to show both of my Tail & Toesie!

I hope u like the combo =)
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