Why I am so sleepy......??

It's Saturday!
Let do some cleaning!

Hello Furriends!
I've been gone again for a 2 weeks,
Where have I been?

I'm still here,
But the secretary is away!

This time, I'm not gonna blame her,
because I really understand the lady situation!
She needs to prepare for her master final oral presentation,
the date is 24th Dec!

before this, she is away busy with her final touch for her thesis,
that already submitted for her supervisor giving her marks!~
Then, after she submitted her thesis copies,
she needs to attend one assessment,
which is sort of interview, for her to get a job in Malaysian Government!~
I'm very happy for her, I hope she had doing fine in the assessment and all the best to her!

Then now, she is preparing the Powerpoints slide for her presentation..

I wish her luck !

And, my mak and abah is leaving for Mecca this 21st..
That will be 10 days, they are going for Umrah,
it's some kind of Muslim Worshipping Tour..
They will get back with me in Malaysia is on 1st January, as schedule..
May they will be safe on their journey..

And furriends,

This is me!

pretending to be a snake with a laser eyes!


lots of hugs and kissessss!!
Happy Friday!
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