Hello furriends!

My abah (dad) is getting well from the sickness,
thank you for all your wishes :)

Today is Friday, it's the time to enjoy!
I'm quite tired being a nurse yesterday..

So today I want to play outside!

I want to feel the sun on my fur while my sisfur Putih choose to sleep under the dining table.
She said she wants to be alone.

SO furriends, let's play!!
Hello furriends!

Putih, my sisfur is a fat cat now. tee hee..
She gain weight too much!
She spend most of her time indoor now, but still refused to sleep inside at night.
But it's OK, we know she will be fine!

And me, today I just want to cuddle with my abah (dah).
He's not feeling well, got a fever. Vomitting for so many times.
I hope he will be OK soon.

I love my abah so much!

Bye furriends, see u later!
Hello Furriends!

The Fleas gone! Thanks for all your suggestions, we tried most of it, and after a few weeks of suffering, the fleas made their way to heaven. LOL.

So it's Tuesday, it's the time for Tail Tuesday!

My Tail became little thinner since the fleas attack.
Me don't like it that way.

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