Elin's Secretary: Hi all! Thank you for all your purrss and sweet thoughts, we are really appreciate it :')
Elin is recovering, lucky the injured is not very bad! Mom will ensure Elin is not going into that house again.

Elin: Hi furriends! Thanks for all your concern, I love u all furriends! *hugs*

I'm now resting to fully recovered..
I'm very sorry I haven't visited your blog recently, it is due to the slow internet connection..
I hope the problems will gone soon,
I miss u furriends..

Take Care!

Hello furriends!
Today I would like to teach u a word HIT/STRIKE in Malaysian Language.


 to pronounce it;


And I wanna tell u something, this morning, my neighbor hit me with a blunt object

it's just because I trespass into thier house..
And now my backside is sprain and swell..

I hope I could recover soon ~

Elin's Secretary: I am very upset with the incident, I hope Elin will get well soon. She is now sleeping in a very uncomfortable position. Purrs for her, will ya? Thanks :(

Hello Furriends!
Today's word is TIDUR, the meaning is SLEEP.

To pronounce it:
DUR = sounds like DO in DO RE MI.


Heyya furriends!
Presenting my secretary's friend's kitty!

His name is Momo!

He is not even 1 year old yet!
He lives in Sarawak, Borneo.

I haven't met with him yet,
But I'm sure he is such a good boy!

So furriends, say Hi to Momo and his bean Annie!


Hi furriends!
I have an idea, I want to teach my Malaysian Language to my furriends every Thursday!
Do u agree?

I hope my secretary won't forget about this,
1 word for every Thursday!

TOday's word is TANGGA,
which mean STAIRS.

To pronounce it;

Tang= Tongue
Ga= Like pronounce Car, but replace C with G.

Stay tune with me, tomorrow I would like to introduce my furriend from Borneo!

updated: sorry I can't make it to visit all of u, the internet is bad :(

Hi Efurrykitty!
Presenting my tail!

Have a good day =)

My mak gave me 2 Ringgits!
What can I buy with this very small amount of money mak?

heyya furriends!
At my place, there's a lot of sunshine today!
I would like to share it with all of you,
and I hope u enjoy it!

Yesterday, 2nd January, is the birthday of my secretary!
She is 24 this 2010 =)

She celebrate it with her boyfriend since his birthday is on 28th December!

Happy Weekend all furry frens!
Hello furriends!
Happy New Year!
What is your new year resolution?

Mine is to become more cuter this year!
My secretary said this year, she wants to help me with blogging more since she already finish her master study!
I hope so!

May all of us filled with luck and happiness this very new year!

see u later!

ps: how about my pose in the photo above?
he he..
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