It's tragic & terrible!
We are really shocked, the condition of the dead cat is bad.
I don't want to say much, but the body is bloated and full with maggot  :'(

Sometimes I saw him passed by my garden, but I don't like him.
I chased him and we had several fought. 
But still, it's sad to found his body like that.
Me, my secretary, mak & abah [dad] were together buried him.

We are still wondering, what might caused his tragic death.

Elin's Secretary: After saw that dead cat, Elin is somewhat hiding in the bathroom, this is unusual. Is this temporary, or should we do something? Advise needed!
Hello furriends!

It's Tail Tuesday on Elin's!
I edited my photo to highlight my bushy tail in action!

My tail is my asset, I love it! 

Hey I'm still a good cat, cat will always be good you know! The bad creature here is my secretary, and also the innernets connection. Apology!

Few days ago, I have been tagged by Jebat! He gave award too! Hey thanks Jebat the Handsome Cat! 

Here is the award:

As well as the rulez~!:

The rule is simple!
The only thing that the awardees need to do is to list FIVE things that made them happy, and LINK to the blog that has given them the award! Then, pass it to SIX cat-lover blogs.
We request some PHOTOS too :D

 Alright, what makes me a Happy Cat are:

1) My Family & Furriends on the blog!

-especially cuddling with my mak ^^-

2) Basket for sleep, oh those baskets are really important to me! Cat like me need some personal room too =)

3) Bags, woa I love them! They keep me cozy when I need them ;)

4) My food bowl, they have magic you know, because no matter what time I feel like eating, the biscuits are always filled the bowl. Never empty! It's great right!

5) My gardens, oh I must visit my garden everyday! I love flowers too! Do you?

Actually there are number 6, 7, 8...bla bla bla but I have to list only 5! Lol!

So, this award is going to be passed to those 6 furriends:


I hope to hear from you soon! =)
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