Hello furriends!

I would to wish all Malaysian Happy 53th Independent Day!
We Malaysian have a great and peaceful country since 31st August 1957.
Great job to our leader, and thanks to God for all this happiness!

I love my Malaysia!
Come and visit us, we have so many interesting place for tourism too!
We have beach, mountain, historical places, and we have a great shopping mall too!
For the tail, it's out Big Brother time to show off his tail!

He's threatened, his population number is declined..
On this great day, I pray for all Tiger Survival..
Stop hunting them!

Hello furriends..

Monday come again, so I need to be in charge again..
Today I assigned myself to take care of this small but full of precious stuff vault!

If bad guy come over and try to touch it, I'll scratch!



So I guess I want to spent my whole weekend, sleeping and snoozing!
How about you, furriends?
Any activity that you are going to join this weekend?

If nothing, you can join me sleeping here!

Hello furriends!

Today I want to invite you to play something..
Come, let's go!

The game is Pick Pick Pick and Make Silly Sentence!

For the Top Wear, I use the color of my collar, but you can use the color of your sweater ir you are wearing one, or the color of your fur! For human friends, of course you need to use the color of your shirt :) Oh you can click the picture for a larger view~!

My answer is: 

I lick the stinky car mechanic because I'm scared.


What's your answer?

Heyya furriends!
Today is Thursday and it is my teaching day!

Today I would like to teach you the word GONE.
In Malay,


To pronounce it:


My picture is Hilang!!


Introducing my furriend, Kelepet!

He is a cat from neighborhood, I'm not sure whether he's got owner or not.
But my mak feed him sometimes.

We called him Kelepet because of his folded ears!

Today i want to teach you HEAD in MALAY.

In Malay language,


To pronounce it;

KE = KER (like ANCHOR with no 'an')
PA = PA (like 'pa' in 'papa')
LA = LA (just 'la')

My mak said, my head is big!
Tail Tuesday come again!

How's your tail today?

Mine is fine!

And this squirrel's tail is gorgeous right?

The tail is bigger than the body!

Hi furriends!

I saw the shy kitten outside, but my mak forbid me to go outside today!

Oh please open the door mak!

I want to meet the shy kitten.. We've never had a chance to talk..

Hello furriends!

How do you spend your Sunday?

I'm just sitting here waiting for the rain..

Hello furriends!

I'm glad finally it's Friday!
Relaxing on this table keep me warm..

It's great to have a sunbath here..

Oh my it's great..
I feel gooooooooood.............
Hello furriends!

How's your day?

Today I would like to teach you a new word, which is DAY. 
DAY here means the time where the sunlight is available.

In Malay,


To pronounce it;


Have a great day!
It's Tuesday, and it's a Tail's Day!

Here is my tail!

I think, my tail did a decorative job better than the flowers.
Hello effuryone!

I just love this car, I don't know why.

Can I said the car is mine, pleaseeeee!!
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