Why I am so sleepy......??

It's Saturday!
Let do some cleaning!

Hello Furriends!
I've been gone again for a 2 weeks,
Where have I been?

I'm still here,
But the secretary is away!

This time, I'm not gonna blame her,
because I really understand the lady situation!
She needs to prepare for her master final oral presentation,
the date is 24th Dec!

before this, she is away busy with her final touch for her thesis,
that already submitted for her supervisor giving her marks!~
Then, after she submitted her thesis copies,
she needs to attend one assessment,
which is sort of interview, for her to get a job in Malaysian Government!~
I'm very happy for her, I hope she had doing fine in the assessment and all the best to her!

Then now, she is preparing the Powerpoints slide for her presentation..

I wish her luck !

And, my mak and abah is leaving for Mecca this 21st..
That will be 10 days, they are going for Umrah,
it's some kind of Muslim Worshipping Tour..
They will get back with me in Malaysia is on 1st January, as schedule..
May they will be safe on their journey..

And furriends,

This is me!

pretending to be a snake with a laser eyes!


lots of hugs and kissessss!!
Happy Friday!

My family is all thankful because this cute cat [me] pick them as my forever family!

And I'm thankful because mak gave me the cute little red bell to wear with my collar


I just clean it.

I love Mayonnaise!
Really love it!

Thanks Nenek (grandma) for giving it to me!

Do u like mayo, furriends?


Hey Furriends!
How's the weather in your place?

In Malaysia, it's raining almost everyday..

The rain makes my activities limited.
I can't walk around my garden,
it will make my paw wet..

Another problem is,
our laundry.
No sun to dry them..
It become part of my problem too,
because my laundry basket where I used to get a nap in,
is always empty without those warm and comfy cloths in it..

mak just hang the cloth under the roof..
it will dry, but a bit late..
but not warm at all!

the sky is dark..
the wind is cold!

me and mak always cuddling together..
I always help her with everything..
she gave me treat! yea!

My secretary a bit crazy today,
she did several experiments about my bloggie template.

U may find out that my bloggie like a bit crazy today..

he he..

Perhaps she is very depressed with here thesis,
and make my blog as a victim.

We will update soon,
don't get mad with her okay!


ps: I need your favor, please scroll ove my blog roll,
and find your link.
I'm afraid some link were accidentally remove during this blog renovation

do let me know if your link is not there.


My secretary neglected my bloggie..

she said she needs time for editing her thesis..
thesis again..
I think I will  hate that thesis thing forever...

ps: thanks for all the wishes for baby Nur! Her full name is Nurdina Zahra!



Hello furriends!!!

I got news for u!

On the 5th Nov, my new cousin born!
Her name is Nur, it's temporary though,
her parents still think about her name!

presenting Nur!

she is so tiny.....

her is my mak holding her, with my abah and cousin Nasrul too!

Oh so tiny!

Here is my Nenek [grandma] holding her on the way back to her home!

what a bless =)

oh how relaxing rolling over on the grass..

My human challenge me to play that thing.

But it end up like this..

I'm not interested..

Hello furriends!
Today I would like to share with all of u about my hobby!
I love art!

Would like to see my masterpiece?
Scroll down!

But why abah & mak doesn't like it..

Oh hi Furriends!
Sorry I'm a little late updating my blog, my secretary is busy.

Thanks for all your wishes for my abah's bithday!
He said thanks!


Here's a cake for u!

The cake is cut!
I took mine!

happy day everyone!

ps: my secretary is sorry for not doing the blogwalking much till December perhaps..
Can't wait for the thesis to be finish then I can use the laptop whenever I like!

Hello furriends, today is 30th October,
which means, my abah [dad]'s 49th birthday today!

Happy Birthday Abah,
May all the bless be with u!

updated: i will visit u from time to time, the innernets is crazy again :(

It's been a long time I haven't post about myself on COT..

So today, I decide to post about my story..

U know furriends, I had a dream this morning..

I'm no longer a cat!

I n my dream, I became a snake, but with fur!!
No legs!

AM I cute to be a furry snake?


Hello Furriends!
It's me, Elin!

That man in the yellow shirt is my secretary's boyfriend!

For those who didn't know,
my secretary is my sister!

Since Boody went to the Rainbow Bridge a few months ago,
there are no more mancat in my house.

So, I'll introduce to you my secretary beloved MAN besides my dad,
his name is Zaimi!


Hello Furriends!
ELin here!

I used to chillax on the car today!

But I wonder why do Mak keep looking at me,
have I did anything wrong???!
Hello furriends!

My secretary thinks it is funny to do this to me..

Oh my..She's insane..
Tee hee...

Happy Saturday Furriends!

ELin's Secretary: Can u see the cute eyes? :)
Oh Furriends..
Elin here!

I've been waiting for sooooooooooo looooooooooooooooong to upload my photo..

But the innernet just won't let me to do so..

Sorry :(

Have a good weekend effurrykitty!

Hello furriends,
Elin here!
I would like to post about three things today, can I?

My Tocktober for Derby!
Sorry Derby, I'm late!


this is my abah [dad],
his birthday is on this 30th October!
He's going to be 49 this 2009!

Me love me abah!

And third,
my mak [mom] has a challenge for u furriends!
She said, can u do like I did in the photo below?

She was impressed when I put my tongue on my nose,
she never know that it can only happened after I ate the tree in front of me..


kidding :)

Hello furriends!
Elin here!

I told my secretary, "Let's Blogwalking!"

But she said: "Sorry Elin, I want to write my THESIS"


What is that?

It's not fun at all..

I can't visit u today furriends..
I want to put a bitey on the Thesis thing..

But what is it??

Hello furriends!
Elin here!

This is our living room.
Can u spot the most lovely, snuggly & pretty home deco in this living room?

have u got the answer?
the hint are, it is greyish in color, and soft.
find it?

Ok, come on I'll show it to u..

it's me :)

"trrrrrrrrr = sw';[d mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhynr ftbkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"

Elin's Secretary: The computer was left for a while, then Elin climb the desk and started typed something. I didn't understand, but I'm sure all u kitteh understand it.

Elin: Hello furriends! Elin here! U got my secret message? DOn't tell your human, ok!

Hello Furriends, Elin here!
Today, I would like to introduce to you one kitty,
the neighbor kitty,
which is my wrestling mate.

Follow me, look up there!
He's there!

he said hello!
I don't know why,
every time he pass through my territory,
we will have a very tough fight!

But my mak feed him sometimes,
I envy him..

I'm scared my mom will love him more than me..

*i can't do blogwalking today, the innernets is bad*
Hi Furriends!
Now I have a new snooooozing spot!

Presenting my little cubic!
Of course with me inside!

It is located in my brother's room..
See, his helmet!
But it doesn't bother me..
The condition here is very comfy..

"someone ask, what is the most important about a Cat?
The answer is the letter 'C', because if the C is replace by 'B',
there is no Cat anymore instead of Bat"



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