Hello furriends, today is 30th October,
which means, my abah [dad]'s 49th birthday today!

Happy Birthday Abah,
May all the bless be with u!

updated: i will visit u from time to time, the innernets is crazy again :(

It's been a long time I haven't post about myself on COT..

So today, I decide to post about my story..

U know furriends, I had a dream this morning..

I'm no longer a cat!

I n my dream, I became a snake, but with fur!!
No legs!

AM I cute to be a furry snake?


Hello Furriends!
It's me, Elin!

That man in the yellow shirt is my secretary's boyfriend!

For those who didn't know,
my secretary is my sister!

Since Boody went to the Rainbow Bridge a few months ago,
there are no more mancat in my house.

So, I'll introduce to you my secretary beloved MAN besides my dad,
his name is Zaimi!


Hello Furriends!
ELin here!

I used to chillax on the car today!

But I wonder why do Mak keep looking at me,
have I did anything wrong???!
Hello furriends!

My secretary thinks it is funny to do this to me..

Oh my..She's insane..
Tee hee...

Happy Saturday Furriends!

ELin's Secretary: Can u see the cute eyes? :)
Oh Furriends..
Elin here!

I've been waiting for sooooooooooo looooooooooooooooong to upload my photo..

But the innernet just won't let me to do so..

Sorry :(

Have a good weekend effurrykitty!

Hello furriends,
Elin here!
I would like to post about three things today, can I?

My Tocktober for Derby!
Sorry Derby, I'm late!


this is my abah [dad],
his birthday is on this 30th October!
He's going to be 49 this 2009!

Me love me abah!

And third,
my mak [mom] has a challenge for u furriends!
She said, can u do like I did in the photo below?

She was impressed when I put my tongue on my nose,
she never know that it can only happened after I ate the tree in front of me..


kidding :)

Hello furriends!
Elin here!

I told my secretary, "Let's Blogwalking!"

But she said: "Sorry Elin, I want to write my THESIS"


What is that?

It's not fun at all..

I can't visit u today furriends..
I want to put a bitey on the Thesis thing..

But what is it??

Hello furriends!
Elin here!

This is our living room.
Can u spot the most lovely, snuggly & pretty home deco in this living room?

have u got the answer?
the hint are, it is greyish in color, and soft.
find it?

Ok, come on I'll show it to u..

it's me :)

"trrrrrrrrr = sw';[d mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhynr ftbkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"

Elin's Secretary: The computer was left for a while, then Elin climb the desk and started typed something. I didn't understand, but I'm sure all u kitteh understand it.

Elin: Hello furriends! Elin here! U got my secret message? DOn't tell your human, ok!

Hello Furriends, Elin here!
Today, I would like to introduce to you one kitty,
the neighbor kitty,
which is my wrestling mate.

Follow me, look up there!
He's there!

he said hello!
I don't know why,
every time he pass through my territory,
we will have a very tough fight!

But my mak feed him sometimes,
I envy him..

I'm scared my mom will love him more than me..

*i can't do blogwalking today, the innernets is bad*
Hi Furriends!
Now I have a new snooooozing spot!

Presenting my little cubic!
Of course with me inside!

It is located in my brother's room..
See, his helmet!
But it doesn't bother me..
The condition here is very comfy..

"someone ask, what is the most important about a Cat?
The answer is the letter 'C', because if the C is replace by 'B',
there is no Cat anymore instead of Bat"



I feel something on me..
What is that??
Hello furriends!
It's me, Elin again!

Yesterday, I went to the Vet.
For vaccination and deworm..

alright, that is me inside the pink carriage..
I'm quite nervous!
Oh that is my sis, Nana.

I don't want to see the doctor..
I hate the pills!

So many time I spilled the pill out,
tee hee!

At last, the doctor is tired wrestling with me,
I am bad, I gave him a scratch..
While he struggle to give me the pill..
Poor him!

I hope he will forgive me!
Then, he just give me an injection!

I got two injection!
the face of naughty kitty!
the doctor is in the blue shirt..

what a day!

hello furriends!
come and join me relax!
chillin' is the best thing to be done everyday ;)

see u later!

love and kisses from me Elin!

ps: Me, Elin & my family, again want s to thanks all of my furiiends, for your concern during my absent for about 2 months, after the robbery.

Thank U for all your donations,
and the most important,
is your purrs and purrayers.

I'm a very lucky kitty, to have a chance to get to know u.
All of my furriends from all over the world have a very kind heart.

May God bless be with all of U.

I love u all!

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